La nostra storia

Bijondo - Chi Siamo
"Since I was a little girl, I've always had a passion for travel, design, beautiful things and business. After high school I went to live in Australia and before starting university I visited different parts of the world, in Asia and South America I discovered beautiful jewelry and clothes and that's how I decided to start my business, thinking about my own line of accessories. I started with very little in Berlin, I had my own ideas and color schemes, and it was really all that was needed to make jewelry in natural materials, with a production mainly in wood, strong and colorful. I met my first clients in Berlin markets and at festivals in Germany, where I offered my accessories in a completely informal way. After a few years, together with my life and work partner, Luigi, I decided to open a shop in Italy, in a beautiful city of Salento, Lecce. If you have never seen it, I suggest you to plan your next trip!
Here the sea is turquoise, clear and wonderful, the people are so friendly and hospitable, the wine and food are exceptional and then there are fascinating places, cities and towns to discover. I'm always excited to create new collections, to mix inputs that come from my everyday life or from the taste and inspirations that come from the ideas of the team or from the contact with those who choose us. From the beginning I have never neglected the well-being of our suppliers, and it will always be the most important thing for us, because it is the thing that makes us feel better. All our employees are part of our family, one big family, the Bijondo family. In this small but big family, in 2018, Frida, our beautiful little girl, arrived and made our life even more beautiful. We have many dreams for the future, to continue to work with those who have contributed to our growth and to produce everything according to the principles of eco-sustainability and beauty".