A gift for you...


Un regalo per te... - Bijondo

Choosing a gift for someone we love is a gesture of care and affection. Especially in this pre-Christmas period, we are already dedicating ourselves to the list of gifts to give to the people closest to us. You've really thought of everyone, but this year don't forget to give a gift to the most important person in your life: you! Why is giving yourself a gift every now and then important? Self-gifting is considered a practice with even therapeutic implications! Giving yourself a gift allows you to send a message to yourself, celebrating a goal achieved, giving yourself a reward,...

The perfect gift is called Bijondo


Il regalo perfetto si chiama Bijondo - Bijondo

Christmas is upon us.. and your friends and relatives are waiting for something to put under the tree! We have many gift ideas for you at affordable prices to amaze and for all ages... From mother-in-law to 20-year-old niece… from best friend to work colleagues… And we guarantee it will be a success… Here are some gift ideas… BEST FRIEND For your best friend who loves stylish earrings we have a selection of designer earrings that will drive her crazy! In fact, there are many models that fall within the selection of the most striking earrings in the Bijondo collection.....

The trends of the moment to create sensational looks for the Christmas holidays...


Le tendenze del momento per creare look strepitosi nelle festivitá Natalizie... - Bijondo

The Christmas atmosphere is upon us ... the first lights are starting to come on, the box of decorations is there waiting for you and you are undecided whether to respect the times or start earlier .. So in the meantime you can't wait to embrace your affections and smile together between an ambo and a quadruplet.. To make the magic of Christmas even more enjoyable, there is always a look to show off Apart from the timeless that are repeated every year such as red and tartan, this year there are some novelties! Feathers We offer them on the...

November's favorites


I preferiti di Novembre - Bijondo

October passed like a dream, summer didn't seem to want to leave us... and now that even November is almost over... we have definitively welcomed autumn! And our wardrobe? The items we loved this month: The timeless little black dress: versatile, always up-to-date, a sure-fire look. Our Mora short dress with drop detail neckline underlines and enhances the silhouette, embellished with a teardrop opening that makes it particular and current. All that remains is to combine boots and one of our outerwear, such as the Camilla long coat with lapels, with the classic single-breasted closure. The set consists of the...

Bijondo at the Artisan Fair!!!!!!


Bijondo all’Artigiano in Fiera!!!!!! - Bijondo

And also this year from 3 to 11 December we will color the Artisan at the Fair You can find us in two pavilions: Hall 7 stand K56-K58 155 & Hall 6 stand D155-C156 A wonderful completely free event... it only takes a few minutes to download the invitation... DOWNLOAD THE INVITATION! But let's find out together what it is. We are in Milan, precisely in Rho Fiera.. In the days from 3 to 11 December exhibitors from all over the world, from artisan beauties to culinary delicacies, create a magnificent container of colors and scents accessible to anyone to...

You only have 5 minutes to get ready… but you want to be flawless!


Hai solo 5 minuti per preparati… ma vuoi essere impeccabile!  - Bijondo

The alarm clock postponed 5 times, the appointment you can't give up, work, the children to take to school... How to get ready in 5 minutes.. we assure you that you can! Here are some tips: Choose simple garments to mix with each other, opting for neutral and easily combinable colors. Building your own look in a few minutes is possible by having: -A solid color jeans or trousers -A shirt or blouse -A cardigan or blazer To personalize everything a necklace! We have created in a short time an outfit that will easily adapt to flat shoes and high...

10 Tips for choosing the perfect necklace


10 Consigli per scegliere la collana perfetta - Bijondo

An accessory, you know, is something that adds and does not take away.. And being, in fact, something that we add to our daily life made up of working days and free time, it is right that each of us has a small guide to the perfect necklace, to be chosen based on the outfit of the moment without neglecting precious suggestions that will provide a new approach to the choice of the accessory. Guide to the perfect necklace  Advice num.1: Busty!!! Choose necklaces with flat elements, which do not create volume at the décolleté. Here is a small list...

The perfect coat: 8 types for your new outerwear


Il Cappotto perfetto: 8 tipologie per il tuo nuovo capospalla - Bijondo

Double-breasted, single-breasted, flared, teddy, herringbone, with pockets, midi, over, camel, classic, A-line, duffle coat, knitted, how many types do you know? Let's see some of them together, with tips for choosing your new favorite item at the best price! The double-breasted coat, characterized by two overlapping collars closed by a double row of buttons, is certainly the most loved and most chosen type for a winter full of style and comfort. Our Bijondo proposal? The Sigrid double-breasted coat with straight cut, long sleeves and soft fit, is a classic coat to wear both day and night. Gray is immediately elegant...

Bijondo "Must Have": the 5 items you can't do without this Autumn!


Bijondo "Must Have": i 5 capi di cui non puoi fare a meno questo Autunno! - Bijondo

The scent of a relaxing herbal tea or a hot chocolate, the patter of the rain, our favorite TV series, the pampering of those we love, the colors of the leaves, the soft, warm and enveloping garments: if we were asked to describe the most beauties of autumn, we at Bijondo would answer like this! And speaking of autumn clothes, let's see together 5 must haves for this autumn 2022. Let's start with the BLAZER: plain or pinstriped, bright or classic, tailored or extra large, and why not? With a percentage of wool inside, in order to keep the coldest...

Camouflage techniques: from color choices to accessories. Intuition and inspiration!


Tecniche di Camouflage: dalle scelte cromatiche agli accessori. Intuizione e ispirazione! - Bijondo

What's more interesting than camouflage techniques? A dinner out of course ... but better to go prepared! Feeling comfortable with what we wear is always a priority so that the desire to opt for something different from our sense of comfort can require some insights that will improve the figure and consequently expand the choices in our wardrobe. As we have seen in the article dedicated to body shape , in fact, some parts of our body can be minimized or emphasized according to what you want through chromatic tricks or with the addition of accessories. Let's start with some...

BODY SHAPE: recognize it and value it


BODY SHAPE: riconoscerla e valorizzarla - Bijondo

Each of us has unique characteristics that have nothing to do with weight or size but with the shape of our body, which is why there are no aesthetic canons or aesthetic concepts to canonize. When we talk about Body Shape these characteristics materialize in 'lines' through which our body can be visualized in a figure on which it is possible to work through an analysis, known precisely as 'analysis of the figure'. Be careful though: it's not about revolutionizing our style or our tastes, it's simply a useful expedient to provide new inspiration to our wardrobe or our new...

How to revolutionize your winter wardrobe by wearing accessories


Come rivoluzionare il tuo guardaroba invernale indossando gli accessori - Bijondo

Here we are! We said goodbye to summer, tidied up our bikinis and took out our jackets and coats. Some of us are still late on the change of season, maybe we're postponing this moment because we don't know where to start; we have written a small practical guide for you here. And the accessories? Do they have a season? Have you loved one of our necklaces from the summer collection and you absolutely don't want to part with it? Don't worry, don't put it away. The beauty of fashion is that there is no fixed rule. The Bijondo style...