10 Consigli per scegliere la collana perfetta - Bijondo
An accessory, you know, is something that adds and does not take away..

And being, in fact, something that we add to our daily life made up of working days and free time, it is right that each of us has a small guide to the perfect necklace, to be chosen based on the outfit of the moment without neglecting precious suggestions that will provide a new approach to the choice of the accessory.

Guide to the perfect necklace

 Advice num.1: Busty!!!

Choose necklaces with flat elements, which do not create volume at the décolleté. Here is a small list but browsing through our catalog of necklaces you will surely find something else: the Kiribati necklace, the Pantheon necklace, the Richmond necklace, the Portugal necklace, the Slovenia necklace, the Togo necklace and the Italy necklace.

Tip 2: Wrinkles on the neck...

This is one of the suggestions that will give a new approach to choosing the perfect necklace by replacing a boring foulard or scarf to remedy the signs of aging. Choose voluminous choker necklaces that create a camouflage effect. The Mali necklace, the Tibet necklace, the Myra necklace, the Singapore necklace… these are just some of the suitable models!


Advice num.3: Help transparencies or deep neckline!

A dress that you love so much is very low-cut and you are not comfortable? Does the sheer chiffon blouse show off the décolleté too much? Choose the Brazil necklace, perfect for deep V necklines and also suitable for chiffon fabrics..

Tip number 4: Lover of minimal!

Do you think it's impossible to find a Bijondo necklace suitable for minimal tastes? You're wrong. Many of our necklaces are simple and essential…like the Ethiopia necklace, the Alhambra necklace, the Zoloti necklace, the Gabon necklace, the Rory necklace and the Soho necklace.


Tip 5: I have lots of tattoos!

A tattoo lover will always be undecided whether to add the extra accessory, yet the Rory necklace, the Filicudi necklace and the Ethiopia necklace are the ones that are right for you... they are simple and are also available in just one colour!


Tip 6: No thanks, I'm allergic to nickel!

Maybe you didn't know that all Bijondo necklaces are made of wood and are equipped with hypoallergenic supports. Also to avoid metal altogether we have necklaces with adjustable closures made exclusively from fabric and wood, such as the Heart necklace, the Poppy necklace, the Waheeda necklace and the Vanya necklace.


Tip 7: Can a wooden necklace be elegant?

A wide selection of necklaces in metallic colors awaits you, from gold necklaces to silver necklaces. If you prefer opaque colors you can opt for the Bora Bora necklace, the Dennistoun necklace and the Gibraltar necklace which we find extremely elegant even without metallic coloring. In general, they are all necklaces suitable for special occasions and hear hear... chosen by our team and by our customers also for wedding outfits.


Advice num.8: Shirt and necklace?

Necklaces with pendants are the most suitable for looks in which the shirt is the protagonist, such as the Maya necklace, the Esfahan necklace, the Bahamas necklace, the Trinidad necklace and the Chichèn Itzá necklace, just to list a few. And if you are an unbuttoned shirt addict, no doubt the Sweden necklace and the Holland necklace.

Tip number 9: necklace and earrings together?

Wearing a necklace and earrings is possible, it is better to opt for small earrings and a showy necklace or the opposite, showy earrings and a minimal necklace. Have fun creating your own combinations.


Tip number 10: necklace in winter?

We know, many of you don't wear necklaces in winter! We have dedicated two articles to this topic.. maybe you haven't read them? What are you waiting for! Many tips that will inspire you in choosing the necklace in the coldest months of the year!