BODY SHAPE: recognize it and value it


BODY SHAPE: riconoscerla e valorizzarla - Bijondo

Each of us has unique characteristics that have nothing to do with weight or size but with the shape of our body, which is why there are no aesthetic canons or aesthetic concepts to canonize. When we talk about Body Shape these characteristics materialize in 'lines' through which our body can be visualized in a figure on which it is possible to work through an analysis, known precisely as 'analysis of the figure'. Be careful though: it's not about revolutionizing our style or our tastes, it's simply a useful expedient to provide new inspiration to our wardrobe or our new...

Bijondo is your Personal Shopper


Bijondo è il tuo Personal Shopper - Bijondo

Are you ready to be guided on a personalized styling journey ? From today Bijondo is not only your favorite brand.. from today Bijondo is also your Personal Shopper . What are the most suitable outfits and accessories for your Lifestyle? What is the most suitable necklace for a busty? And which trouser that most emphasizes a slightly accentuated waistline? We have prepared a smart test for you .. made up of a few questions, useful for starting an experience together that will not only optimize your purchases but will also be a way to take care of yourself and...