10 Tips for choosing the perfect necklace


10 Consigli per scegliere la collana perfetta - Bijondo

An accessory, you know, is something that adds and does not take away.. And being, in fact, something that we add to our daily life made up of working days and free time, it is right that each of us has a small guide to the perfect necklace, to be chosen based on the outfit of the moment without neglecting precious suggestions that will provide a new approach to the choice of the accessory. Guide to the perfect necklace  Advice num.1: Busty!!! Choose necklaces with flat elements, which do not create volume at the décolleté. Here is a small list...

Bijondo accessories in Winter: advice, inspiration and 'self-care'


Gli accessori Bijondo in Inverno: consigli, inspiration e 'cura di se' - Bijondo

If up until now you have thought that a wooden necklace could be an accessory to be worn only in the Summer... We want to change your mind, providing you with inspiration, advice and above all the desire to complete your daily looks with our accessories even in Winter! 1. You know, in winter we always tend to choose dark clothes.. from the coat to the trousers… a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of original and colorful earrings will surely brighten up your outfit. 2. Lightness is the watchword… sweater, cardigan, coat, scarf… dressing in layers in winter is...