Bijondo at the Artisan Fair!!!!!!


Bijondo all’Artigiano in Fiera!!!!!! - Bijondo

And also this year from 3 to 11 December we will color the Artisan at the Fair You can find us in two pavilions: Hall 7 stand K56-K58 155 & Hall 6 stand D155-C156 A wonderful completely free event... it only takes a few minutes to download the invitation... DOWNLOAD THE INVITATION! But let's find out together what it is. We are in Milan, precisely in Rho Fiera.. In the days from 3 to 11 December exhibitors from all over the world, from artisan beauties to culinary delicacies, create a magnificent container of colors and scents accessible to anyone to...

How to revolutionize your winter wardrobe by wearing accessories


Come rivoluzionare il tuo guardaroba invernale indossando gli accessori - Bijondo

Here we are! We said goodbye to summer, tidied up our bikinis and took out our jackets and coats. Some of us are still late on the change of season, maybe we're postponing this moment because we don't know where to start; we have written a small practical guide for you here. And the accessories? Do they have a season? Have you loved one of our necklaces from the summer collection and you absolutely don't want to part with it? Don't worry, don't put it away. The beauty of fashion is that there is no fixed rule. The Bijondo style...

Bijondo accessories in Winter: advice, inspiration and 'self-care'


Gli accessori Bijondo in Inverno: consigli, inspiration e 'cura di se' - Bijondo

If up until now you have thought that a wooden necklace could be an accessory to be worn only in the Summer... We want to change your mind, providing you with inspiration, advice and above all the desire to complete your daily looks with our accessories even in Winter! 1. You know, in winter we always tend to choose dark clothes.. from the coat to the trousers… a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of original and colorful earrings will surely brighten up your outfit. 2. Lightness is the watchword… sweater, cardigan, coat, scarf… dressing in layers in winter is...