The trends of the moment to create sensational looks for the Christmas holidays...


Le tendenze del momento per creare look strepitosi nelle festivitá Natalizie... - Bijondo

The Christmas atmosphere is upon us ... the first lights are starting to come on, the box of decorations is there waiting for you and you are undecided whether to respect the times or start earlier .. So in the meantime you can't wait to embrace your affections and smile together between an ambo and a quadruplet.. To make the magic of Christmas even more enjoyable, there is always a look to show off Apart from the timeless that are repeated every year such as red and tartan, this year there are some novelties! Feathers We offer them on the...

You only have 5 minutes to get ready… but you want to be flawless!


Hai solo 5 minuti per preparati… ma vuoi essere impeccabile!  - Bijondo

The alarm clock postponed 5 times, the appointment you can't give up, work, the children to take to school... How to get ready in 5 minutes.. we assure you that you can! Here are some tips: Choose simple garments to mix with each other, opting for neutral and easily combinable colors. Building your own look in a few minutes is possible by having: -A solid color jeans or trousers -A shirt or blouse -A cardigan or blazer To personalize everything a necklace! We have created in a short time an outfit that will easily adapt to flat shoes and high...

Bijondo is your Personal Shopper


Bijondo è il tuo Personal Shopper - Bijondo

Are you ready to be guided on a personalized styling journey ? From today Bijondo is not only your favorite brand.. from today Bijondo is also your Personal Shopper . What are the most suitable outfits and accessories for your Lifestyle? What is the most suitable necklace for a busty? And which trouser that most emphasizes a slightly accentuated waistline? We have prepared a smart test for you .. made up of a few questions, useful for starting an experience together that will not only optimize your purchases but will also be a way to take care of yourself and...

First date on Tinder: 5 foolproof tips for a perfect look!


Primo appuntamento su Tinder: 5 suggerimenti infallibili per un look perfetto! - Bijondo

Although the word "match" has replaced the like, although it is enough to download the Tinder app to have a new date every evening, the questions we ask ourselves are always the same: "How do I dress???"

5 essential tips to not fail on a first date!