The trends of the moment to create sensational looks for the Christmas holidays...


Le tendenze del momento per creare look strepitosi nelle festivitá Natalizie... - Bijondo

The Christmas atmosphere is upon us ... the first lights are starting to come on, the box of decorations is there waiting for you and you are undecided whether to respect the times or start earlier .. So in the meantime you can't wait to embrace your affections and smile together between an ambo and a quadruplet.. To make the magic of Christmas even more enjoyable, there is always a look to show off Apart from the timeless that are repeated every year such as red and tartan, this year there are some novelties! Feathers We offer them on the...

We are the colours we wear: how they make us feel and what the colours of our wardrobe say about us


Siamo i colori che indossiamo: come ci fanno sentire e cosa dicono di noi i colori del nostro guardaroba - Bijondo

Red, White, Yellow, Green, Brown, Purple, Grey, Black, Blue, Orange. What color do you have in your closet?

The clothing and your outfit of the day can say a lot about you and can be used in many ways, to have multiple effects. Find out which ones with our tips!