Tecniche di Camouflage: dalle scelte cromatiche agli accessori. Intuizione e ispirazione! - Bijondo

What's more interesting than camouflage techniques? A dinner out of course ... but better to go prepared!

Feeling comfortable with what we wear is always a priority so that the desire to opt for something different from our sense of comfort can require some insights that will improve the figure and consequently expand the choices in our wardrobe.

As we have seen in the article dedicated to body shape , in fact, some parts of our body can be minimized or emphasized according to what you want through chromatic tricks or with the addition of accessories.

Let's start with some basic rules:

1. Using a single color in the combination of the outfit tends to elongate the figure, for example jacket and trousers of the same color or top and skirts of the same pattern, or choose the sock of the same color as the shoe.

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By lengthening the figure it is possible to minimize more homogeneous figures such as the oval figure, for which it is advisable to opt for monochromatic, non-changing colors and better if dark, to be enlivened with colored outerwear or accessories, especially flashy necklaces. The monochromatic base must correspond to 75% while the color to be added with a coat or an accessory must integrate with 25%. What are you waiting for? Green light to the necklaces!

2. On the contrary, and this is the case of the rectangle figure, if you want to add volume, you have to opt for the so-called 'dressing like an onion' which the coldest ones will adore! So no less than 3 items to combine. Key piece: in summer the t-shirt and in winter the turtleneck to wear not only with jackets and trousers but also under shirts and dresses.
3. Busty? Better to prefer single-breasted jackets and coats and V-neck garments in flowing and draped fabrics like our Berenice Blouse
    And if in the winter season we can't give up an enveloping crew-neck sweater, it's better to opt for those in shaved fabric that we're going to combine with a functional long necklace to shift the point of attention.
    4. Minimize the belly? Without a doubt, you have to opt for loose-fitting oversized sweaters and dresses with no cut at the waist. Type 'over' in the search, we have more than 150 choices for you!
      5. Solutions for a pronounced butt? There are two alternatives: 1. make it the protagonist by emphasizing the waist with belts or wrap dresses; 2. Minimize it with empire-style dresses (cut below the bust) and outerwear, without horizontal stripes, that cover the hips. No doubt it will be easier in the summer with our wide selection of kimonos, dusters and shirtdresses . In winter we offer you: the Artemisia Kimono , the Karol Cardigan , the Kim Blazer and our Rudy and Soledad fringed jackets.
        6. If the goal is to create volume in the upper part of the figure, you must always opt for light colors and structured garments in correspondence with the breasts such as the Greta chanel-style jacket characterized by a frayed horizontal cut and patch pockets.
          In this case, even playing with accessories, mixing large earrings and a necklace is an excellent idea to give volume to the figure.
          As we have noticed, colors and accessories play a very important role in the composition of everyday looks. They create harmony, stimulate new optical effects and most importantly they give personality because there are no rules when choosing shapes and colors.