Ayunita - Transformable Infinity dress

The Ayunita Dress is not a simple dress... but a transformable dress with which to make different outfits! The long bands that characterize it are the protagonists of the various models that can be created based on the desired neckline.

In fact, the peculiarity of this dress is its versatility... a dress, several long dresses, a skirt and even a midi dress! There are many colours... for each one its own color and you will always be in the palette... and then how much elegance in the necklines that you can create yourself... a romantic sweetheart neckline, a bold V-neck or the cap sleeve for those who want to cover the arms.. a one-shoulder neckline and the beauty of cord bands on an open back!

The fullness of the skirt, thanks also to the fluid fabric, enhances the waistline and gives the silhouette a slender figure! Few garments can be as truly versatile as our Ayunita dress. You will probably feel like a princess.. probably our ayunita dress will allow you to express your femininity on multiple occasions.. you will probably create your favorite trend and probably collect all the colors!

The Ayunita dress is available in one size and thanks to the width, the fluidity of the fabric and the essential stitching it adapts to all sizes and all body shapes, from XS to XXL!

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