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Bijondo - Chi Siamo

I believe that every woman deserves to feel more confident by her uniqueness. In facing everyday life as well as special moments, sometimes, a little, a detail is enough. to look at ourselves with an extra gear, defined with class and firmness, with style and simplicity. I created Bijondo and designed each creation with this in mind.
Verena Pina Bijondo Stylist#mondobijondo
Bijondo is the brand of the Berlin-based designer Verena Pina that offers exclusive and colourful collections of wooden accessories. The simple but unique and always new lines manage to highlight the particularity and beauty of each face, making the looks and outfits of whoever wears them special and different. Each object is produced in a limited edition, handmade and hand-painted. Lightness, colours and always new stylistic lines are therefore the distinctive features of each of the elements of each collection. Verena has chosen Salento to make her Brand blossom and grow and has opened the first 4 stores here, four Italian stores, in the marvellous frames of Gallipoli, Lecce and Otranto. The stores offer, in addition to the creations of costume jewellery, a selection of clothes with great attention to fabrics and models. The Bijondo team fully reflects the simple, colourful and unique spirit of this brand, and is ready to welcome and help each customer choose their look and highlight their particularities. For those who love Verena's style and Bijondo's proposals, an online store is available at www.bijondo.com, where you can find a selection of the creations still available.

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