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Social sustainability

A genuine passion for the world and its cultures is what

led Verena to create Bijondo 13 years ago.

To ensure a constant integrity of our production

partners, we have been committed to create longlasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our

suppliers. We are proud to say that we work with many

factories in Bali, The Philippines, Thailand and Italy

since 2007. We travel to meet our artisans annually to

ensure they work in healthy, safe, and equitable


We also understand the importance of helping to

preserve the cultural heritage of the people we work

with, and this is why all our jewellery is handmade in

Bali and the Philippines using artisanal wood carving

and other artisanal techniques.

Nonetheless, we are always ready to improve: we have

just started a path to rethink the way we work and make

sure our impact on the environment and society is as

positive as possible. As part of this program, we will

carry out a re-evaluation of our supply chain, which will

include a new social impact assessment in each one of

our partner facilities. By 2023 we aim to achieve the

same level of transparency in each and every step of the

supply chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to


Our Vision

Sustainable Fabrics

The process of creating fabrics — starting from producing or
cultivating fibres all the way to the manufacturing process — can
have serious environmental impacts.
We are therefore committed to start selecting the fabrics for our
pieces more consciously, prioritising natural and biodegradable
textiles made from sustainably grown fibre crops and recycled

Cleaner Production and Resource

All the stages of our production processes will be evaluated
to identify and implement environmentally-friendly practices.
Using sustainable textiles will help us reach this goal, but we
will also seek better manufacturing processes to ensure that
the pieces you wear are processed and embellished with care.
This will include: avoiding water pollution, hazardous
chemicals, deforestation, water and energy waste and
harming animals.

Social Equity

We aim to do our part in contributing to global sustainable
development by practicing social responsibility. Therefore, we will
carry out further health and safety assessments of our production
facilities to ensure compliance with health and safety standards
and local laws. We will also create new partnerships with small
enterprises that support community engagement in the
developing world.

Waste Management

Our main objective in this area is to ensure that our shipping
materials are 100% plastic-free. We have already started
working to re-design our packaging to minimize waste and
switch to biodegradable materials, and the first step will be
eliminating single-use plastics.

Positive Impact

Altogether, our guiding principle in all the changes we aim to
implement will be the one of positive impact: we believe fashion
can be a force for good, through which we can promote the health
of our communities and that of the environment. The path is long
and we have just started. Join the walk and help us leaving
positive footprints behind us!

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