The perfect gift is called Bijondo

Christmas is upon us.. and your friends and relatives are waiting for something to put under the tree!
We have many gift ideas for you at affordable prices to amaze and for all ages...
From mother-in-law to 20-year-old niece… from best friend to work colleagues…
And we guarantee it will be a success…
Here are some gift ideas…
For your best friend who loves stylish earrings we have a selection of designer earrings that will drive her crazy! In fact, there are many models that fall within the selection of the most striking earrings in the Bijondo collection.. to mention a few and get inspired, here are our ideas for you: Fiji earrings, Chula-Samyan earrings, Guinea earrings, Philippines earrings, the Eixample earrings, the Flowers earrings, the Opebi earrings, the Esfahan earrings and the Syria earrings
For your mother-in-law, no doubt a necklace that gives charm and that is a precious gift! The Gibraltar necklace, the Mali necklace, the Myra necklace, the Guinea necklace and the Bora Bora necklace are some of our proposals.
For the sister-in-law, it is always better to opt for a classic, simple and original necklace such as the Sweden Necklace, the Holland Necklace, the Portugal Shine Necklace, the Mauritius Necklace and the Swarna Necklace.
Pampering your sister is always a good habit .. so we thought of a Cardigan to give comfortable and warm looks.
The Karol cardigan, the Kate cardigan, the Myrtie cardigan, the Eleonora cardigan and the Soledad cardigan.
For all daughters-in-law a flower... our necklaces are different and include flowers in the design: the Two Flowers necklace, the Blume necklace, the Fiori necklace, the Keukhenof necklace, the Fleur necklace and the Holland necklace. Gift them in combination with the related earrings and bracelet for a more important gift.
Something trendy for the 20-year-old niece?
For the younger ones, choose from the crop tops of our crochet collection.. to wear under transparent dresses that are so fashionable this winter or as protagonists in the summer. A useful and glamorous gift!
We are sure that your girlfriend, your partner or your wife can love a complete look.. and then you just have to let yourself be inspired by her favorite colors.. write the color in the search and our assistance service is always active for you who will be able to help you in the various combinations! At the moment we leave you with a hint… 'hearts'!
You know, for work colleagues the gifts will all be the same! It's always better not to create enmities! And then combine the buckle bracelet with the glass paste rings and with the elegant glass necklace. It's a great solution to have many identical gifts but with different colors!
Did you think we had nothing for men? But no.. There are many necklaces or bracelets worn daily by men who choose Biondo
Rory necklace and Rory bracelet to wear the latter both as a bracelet and as a necklace.. And obviously the more extravagant the more choice you will have! And don't be afraid to dare... we guarantee that everyone really likes our wooden jewels!

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