A gift for you...

Choosing a gift for someone we love is a gesture of care and affection. Especially in this pre-Christmas period, we are already dedicating ourselves to the list of gifts to give to the people closest to us. You've really thought of everyone, but this year don't forget to give a gift to the most important person in your life: you!

Why is giving yourself a gift every now and then important?

Self-gifting is considered a practice with even therapeutic implications!

Giving yourself a gift allows you to send a message to yourself, celebrating a goal achieved, giving yourself a reward, keeping alive our commitment to a goal, celebrating progress. Every moment of the day and of our life can be the right one to celebrate us, but if you really don't have ideas, we have some ideas for you:

  • Have you lost those extra pounds that were making you feel uncomfortable? You deserve a reward! It's the right time to refresh your outfits a bit.

  • Have you received a salary increase, career advancement or new clients? Celebrate yourself with a small present, a pair of earrings or a wooden necklace!

  • It's your birthday? We have many discounts for you in our online store.

  • Did you save more this month and want to treat yourself to a pampering all to yourself? We also have active discounts on new arrivals!

Psychophysical well-being can be cultivated through small daily practices, such as self-gifting or an afternoon of shopping with friends.

Bijondo supports the power that body positivity has on the mental health of all of us: we believe that there is beauty in every body and that fashion can be a means of personal expression, through which to convey messages of positivity, self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Don't wait for a great occasion to give yourself a gift, start thanking yourself for who you are today!

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