The trends of the moment to create sensational looks for the Christmas holidays...

The Christmas atmosphere is upon us ... the first lights are starting to come on, the box of decorations is there waiting for you and you are undecided whether to respect the times or start earlier .. So in the meantime you can't wait to embrace your affections and smile together between an ambo and a quadruplet..

To make the magic of Christmas even more enjoyable, there is always a look to show off

Apart from the timeless that are repeated every year such as red and tartan, this year there are some novelties!


We offer them on the cuffs of a wonderful sheath dress, the Noa Dress , rigorously in red to wear with a stiletto heel or with a welcome back Mary Jane for evening outfits and special occasions..

While for the less 'classy' the Winona Jacket with front feathers to wear as an outerwear or as a shirt, available in military green and butter color!!! Seeing is believing

Vintage check

Inspired by the 70s, the check print is among the trends of this winter together with feathers and is perfect for creating daytime outfits for the Christmas holidays: the Myrtie Skirt and the Brigitte Skirt are the main candidates!

teddy bear

Soft and enveloping, the Marlene Coat , a must have for this season, pampers and gives beauty. Wear it in the streets of the center and take your best Christmas selfie!

Glitter sweaters

What better occasion than this time of the year to brighten up your outfits with a nice glittery sweater? The Alessandra sweater with lurex details to mix in various style combinations is one of our favourites!

And for the accessories? Without a doubt the Metallic Collection ..

Lots of news: The Myra Necklace in gold color will win you over with its new captivating design to be modeled according to the desired length and for those who are in step with trends cannot do without the Singapore Necklace in fuchsia .. among the five most popular colors of this season which combined with red give the glamorous touch that the most fashionistas will love!

Among the novelties of the new collection designed for this season, the Mali and Kiribati bracelets in gold and silver to be combined respectively for those who have warm colors in their palette with Itsukushima gold earrings ... and those who have cold colors with Algeria silver earrings

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